Tata Docomo Spotted in Chennai city

Dear Acumen,

Few months back i have wrote in my blog about MTS mobile operator who had posted all our chennai in streat lamps, wall, subways, buses, cycles, road side peoples shirts, etc.

Which i found that, MTS should be an local operator.http://sudhakar.itacumens.com/?p=66 )

Last week i found advt. about Tata Docomo, which was very decent . Found Docomo advt, only on Bus Stops and commercial places.

Which i felt it was pleasure knowing more about it. Googled for Tata Docomo and found very interesting.

It had reminded me Hutch mobile provided who offered 1 sec for 1 paise to their postpaid mobile vendors long year back.

Tata Docomo mobile service in INDIA

Tata Docomo mobile service in INDIA

Tata Docomo gives out non pulse rates, say if we speak for 20 sec in phone it will assume the pulse rate for 1 min. Whereas Tata’s new Docomo prepaid gives freedom for their speach. Pay only for what you have used.

It seems voice mail and mca were absolutly free.

Hope i may get once the postpaid is launched on 01 July 09 as scheduled in their website www.tatadocomo.com

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  1. senthil 21 September 2009 at 11:37 pm #

    please inform me about franchise of your outlet

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