Fly for business

Now am in Hyderabad, came for InFish 2009 ( By NFDB ).

Represting our new conecpt of 5667788 / Mobi Drive Aqua.

Almost two day spent in HDD, each and every moment is new.

Had difficulties in communicating with everyone but understanding is quie easier one.

As i have wrote on my forum, i have to learn multiple languages.

Finaly day will be tomorrow, so after completing our work. I will be back to my hometown Chennai.

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One Comment to “Fly for business”

  1. Cognitive 3 August 2009 at 10:30 am #

    Dear Sudhakar,

    fine..have you take any neccessary actions to work on multiple languages..

    you have to watch concern movies to get knowledge about the specified languages.

    and, Hindi is our national can survive better if you know hindi…it’s powerfull tool than english.

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