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Am been a Blood Donor from ages ago

Last Few Days back i have received a call from a blood bank requesting for my help. Initially i do not understand, later when i start regonizing them. I said, Ofcourse Yes and met them evening along with 5 of my Friends. Only 3 got selected for donating blood. We had donated blood, since i […]

Video Conferencing week

On MobiDrive work, i have been invited for Video Conferencing in LG India . Earlier i used to attend video conferencing in Reliance Web World for Gaming interaction between cities. I have accepted it and went to the VC arranged at LG India, Chennai office. On VC, i had spoke to few high professionals of […]

IT Acumens Changed to New Office Location

Dear Acumens, Good day for all of us. After few days of heavy work and changes. We have been shifted to our New office. Currently we have placed only 8 Systems in desk properly. Remaining were not organized. Hope i could post some new images . Feel Free to wish or proud about our New […]

Fly for business

Now am in Hyderabad, came for InFish 2009 ( By NFDB ). Represting our new conecpt of 5667788 / Mobi Drive Aqua. Almost two day spent in HDD, each and every moment is new. Had difficulties in communicating with everyone but understanding is quie easier one. As i have wrote on my forum, i have […]

New Photo Gallery

Hi Acumens, I have created a new photo Gallery @ IT Acumens user album . Just watch all the images @ My Photo Gallery Page . I will be updating as may as pictures as possible everyday.

How Brave the New Company is..

For the last two day, I could see everywhere in My Chennai. All Were wearing a company T-Shirt all Lamp post in my city is full of there advertisement board. But no Tv adds and big stickers on Buses. All these company advertisement were locally hosted in lamppost and road side board. Will My Tamilnadu […]

IT Acumens 2009 Homepage

Dear Acumen’s, We have recently updated our IT Acumens Homepage. Last Design hosted during 2007. We have got time to update our homepage now. Do rate us after visiting the New 2009 Homepage of IT Acumens. Url : www.itacumens.com Comment Here : http://discuss.itacumens.com/index.php/topic,55613.0.html