Update : My HardDisk Dead …cont…

Update of my Previous post :

I met two companies in India for hard disk recovery.

One local vendor and One Man show Mr.Avatar ( Seperate Hardisk Recovery Shops ),

Who have checked my Sata Hdd and reported that the platter on hdd seems to have problem (Hardware Problem) so there is no chance on data recovery.

While i was having a discussion with Mr.Avatar,

He said, none in India had a experience + HDD Recovery Room which could cost around 150 crore to construct.

Suddenly Mr.Avatar(He) gave a Sparking Idea.

He : Initially where did you had these 140 gb contents.
Me : In my old Dell Vostro 1510.
He : Are you still using that system.
Me : Yes, but i have given it to my Colleague .
He : Will He use very hardly , mean is that hard disk is full.
Me : After transferring to my new laptop,I have formatted all the disk and everything is empty now.
He : Ok, get me the disk and i will get you all the content in it.
Me : How it is possible, i have formatted.
He : We have a software to retrieve it.
Me : Thank God. Sure i will get it and come back .

And i have left the place with my infected HDD.

Reached my office, Searched for software.

And found this software from one of my friends Brother.

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 4.3.6

Installed on my old system, but unfortunately my friend used around 120 gb out of 160 gb .

So using the software i have got only 30 gb datas.

Now i have started extracting the contents in it. Hope i will get my photos and company datas from it.

– Times up now !!! will update the rest soon.

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