Shocking Software Company Owner about unmatched reports

Recently i saw a News on Makkal TV ( Chennai based Local Tamil Channel )

Information about Online sms services.
The news channel said, with in a minute we could reach millions of audience.
The camera’s turned in to a man, who himself called as a software company owner.

Said, now a days all politicians were collecting phone numbers(database) from organization like us and using internet to push bulk sms and they could able to reach millions of mobile users in minutes.

I have few question to him :

  • What that man is trying to tell ?
  • Does he have database with him which he wants to sell?
  • Do we have to take services from him from sending sms and disturbing non interested members ?
  • If So, Does he really holds a browsing center or a software company.
  • As far as i concerned , only 1000 – 1500 sms could be pushed in minimum 10 mins of time. Not more than that.
    And why the hell, the local news channel and taken a stats from unknown person who calls himself a achiever.

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    One Comment to “Shocking Software Company Owner about unmatched reports”

    1. Cognitive 3 August 2009 at 10:39 am #

      not like that Mr.Sudhakar..see some of the companies may target the new clients with these kind of features.

      some may flow on that words…later they will suffer..bcz, i do know one concern which they offering 6 lakh of sms / 10 mins. may be for sake..

      But, see i do have some queries..if way2sms, 160by2 were holding and getting N no.of users/ day….approxiamtely if at same time more no.of users can push the sms it will reach as fast or in delay..think off 1lakh of sms are pushing/min..but, its deliver it comes..

      wat about the server / gateway that needs to take care the entire process..

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