My HardDisk Dead – Dont trust Electric Media

I have came to my blog quite some time later.

On March 09, i have migrated to an Dell Vostro Laptop. Took complete backup from my old Dell Desktop.

Just two month past with new dell. Last week, a blue screen error broke my Hard Disk.

All experts including Dell and Segate said, the datas would be safe and there might be a issue with an hardware inside HardDisk.

But none took responsibility of my 140 GB data ( My entire life Scenario including 4 GB photos audios and official documents ) , instead dell gave an replacement hard disk since i have paid extra 10 thousand for Dell Complete Cover.

Segate informed that am a dell customer, so they could not help. And they have their recovery centers @ Canada and UK.

Searched for a local vendor in my locality for last two days and handed my hdd to one vendor.

No update for last two days, everytime i call him . He replies that he was busy and he dont think it easy to have my datas backed up.

Hope he is trying to make much out of it.

But i do have a hope that i could have atleast take my Life Photos worth 4GB either i would be a zero in past career.

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