60th Republic Day Celebrated in INDIA – 1st Time Without Our P.M.

Tomorrow will be remarkable day in our calendar.

Its our Nations 60th Republic Day.

I was Really Worried for two reasons, 1 st an Flag Hosting without our Prime Minsiter ( Health Prob. )

Though i was really not interested in it, i was worried about these TV Programs scheduled for 26th Jan 09 in Tamil Nadu.

After seeing the Schedule for 26th Jan 09 in Televisions is something like a sunday or other holidays.

No National or Flag hosting programs even for 10 minutes.

Gaint TV operators were telecasting 3 movies on this special occasion.

1 st movie about Family Story. 2 nd movie about hero’s subject. And evening 3 rd Movie is latest love story.

Day starts with an report from a Cinema Actor and Day Ends with Tv hosttes programmes.

How Smart these television channel were , they were utilizing the National Holidays for there advertisment.

Do i have to Accept these. All i request them is to show an 30 mins shows of our National Republic Story when the day stars and ends.

Let us Remember the National Holiday as bigger than an Spritial Festival and Holidays like Sunday.

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