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Am been a Blood Donor from ages ago

Last Few Days back i have received a call from a blood bank requesting for my help. Initially i do not understand, later when i start regonizing them. I said, Ofcourse Yes and met them evening along with 5 of my Friends. Only 3 got selected for donating blood. We had donated blood, since i […]

Update : My HardDisk Dead …cont…

Update of my Previous post : I met two companies in India for hard disk recovery. One local vendor and One Man show Mr.Avatar ( Seperate Hardisk Recovery Shops ), Who have checked my Sata Hdd and reported that the platter on hdd seems to have problem (Hardware Problem) so there is no chance on […]

My HardDisk Dead – Dont trust Electric Media

I have came to my blog quite some time later. On March 09, i have migrated to an Dell Vostro Laptop. Took complete backup from my old Dell Desktop. Just two month past with new dell. Last week, a blue screen error broke my Hard Disk. All experts including Dell and Segate said, the datas […]

2009 Election Drama in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is preparing for Elections. The southern part of India. Hot political Drama’s were on. DMK Cheif in Hospital. Congress Leader where schedule to come and postponed the trip due to DMK cheif’s Health Issue. Ragul Gandhi gives speech for more than 30 mins in English supporting Mr. Chindabaram ( Currently Home Minister ) […]

Shocking Software Company Owner about unmatched reports

Recently i saw a News on Makkal TV ( Chennai based Local Tamil Channel ) Information about Online sms services. The news channel said, with in a minute we could reach millions of audience. The camera’s turned in to a man, who himself called as a software company owner. Said, now a days all politicians […]

How Brave the New Company is..

For the last two day, I could see everywhere in My Chennai. All Were wearing a company T-Shirt all Lamp post in my city is full of there advertisement board. But no Tv adds and big stickers on Buses. All these company advertisement were locally hosted in lamppost and road side board. Will My Tamilnadu […]

What Does 160 Character do on SMS

I was wondering, why they have fixed 160 characters for one SMS or short messaging services. Today i was using our internet mobidrive interface to push 10000 sms. When i have typed the content, it showed my only 153 characters is been filled. Just pushed all the sms to our Internet Push Gateway. After 20 […]

Placements through fathers death

I had called my friend who did engineering with me two years back. Who is working in a IT Company. They told me that in our batch only few got selected in Infosys placement  held at our college on 2007. They had been on the conculsion that we have been selected since we had lost […]

Valentines Day Dreams

Valentines Day Dreams ( My Dreams are Really Empty though i had a best Valentine Ever, but not @ this hour really ).

After a Long Time

I was checking all the search engines and found an untouched page of IT Acumens after a long time. Its our Very Old and currently working Guest Book. I found it with good and prompt comments. Have took many hours to clear the spam post . On the new 2009 page, i will ask […]