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Tata Docomo Spotted in Chennai city

Dear Acumen, Few months back i have wrote in my blog about MTS mobile operator who had posted all our chennai in streat lamps, wall, subways, buses, cycles, road side peoples shirts, etc. Which i found that, MTS should be an local operator. ( ) Last week i found advt. about Tata Docomo, which was […]

Update : My HardDisk Dead …cont…

Update of my Previous post : I met two companies in India for hard disk recovery. One local vendor and One Man show Mr.Avatar ( Seperate Hardisk Recovery Shops ), Who have checked my Sata Hdd and reported that the platter on hdd seems to have problem (Hardware Problem) so there is no chance on […]

My HardDisk Dead – Dont trust Electric Media

I have came to my blog quite some time later. On March 09, i have migrated to an Dell Vostro Laptop. Took complete backup from my old Dell Desktop. Just two month past with new dell. Last week, a blue screen error broke my Hard Disk. All experts including Dell and Segate said, the datas […]