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How Brave the New Company is..

For the last two day, I could see everywhere in My Chennai. All Were wearing a company T-Shirt all Lamp post in my city is full of there advertisement board. But no Tv adds and big stickers on Buses. All these company advertisement were locally hosted in lamppost and road side board. Will My Tamilnadu […]

What Does 160 Character do on SMS

I was wondering, why they have fixed 160 characters for one SMS or short messaging services. Today i was using our internet mobidrive interface to push 10000 sms. When i have typed the content, it showed my only 153 characters is been filled. Just pushed all the sms to our Internet Push Gateway. After 20 […]

IT Acumens 2009 Homepage

Dear Acumen’s, We have recently updated our IT Acumens Homepage. Last Design hosted during 2007. We have got time to update our homepage now. Do rate us after visiting the New 2009 Homepage of IT Acumens. Url : Comment Here :,55613.0.html